Reciprocate it.



At times I fail to really understand man [generally referring to man as a species and the gender ones that we end up falling in love with]. Everyone expects you to be the one bending rules, taking shots and carrying the blame every day! What exactly do you think we are? Robots? Or better still, slaves? So today I decided to speak on it and here goes;

(Switches face to a warmer, receptive one) Hey dear, welcome to Life with Lu 😉  .

So personally, at most times I tend to give such encounters cold shoulders, overlook the wrong and try to focus on the reasons why I’m really still a friend to such individuals. But just like anyone else, I also have my limits and unlike most people, I will not really come and ‘give you a piece of my mind’ instead I’d rather minimize our memories or better still, avoid creating any. For example, I have one friend who constantly keeps pressing my buttons. Lol, hey don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to paint this person’s reputation black, I’m just introducing a real-life character that represents that one person in our lives who will always push you to the wall and demonically test your faith. Let’s name this character person X. So, person X has tendencies of putting me in situations where saying ‘NO’ would make me seem very inconsiderate, that or its either just my insecurities or some far-fetched kindness but… hear me out. Say I tell person X “I don’t like you having or using my staff without my consent.” Guess what, they’ll still do it or use it knowing very well they can be very apologetic thereafter, who knows whether they’re fake or genuine apologies. While still at it, person X will make it look like that was the only available option while really there were so many more available pathways, but person X chose this specific one because that’s what seemed to benefit them at the moment. So whether its blatant disrespect and disregard for your relationship, or person X is just plain dumb to see the other available options, the choice made was an insult and completely ignorant to what you had asked of them initially.

Now just to add salt to the wound, while these person X’s in our lives expect so much from us, they never have the conscious to actually reciprocate it. They’re however always the first ones to lose their cool when you mistakenly breathe in their direction or even overstep some imaginary boundary they had set up without letting you know. They’re the ones to text you the longest paragraphs telling you how ‘you aint this, you aint that’ ‘your momma aint raise you right’ ‘that’s why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend’ or whatever their fingers can type best. To quote a random definition from one of my classes “Justice is when you give someone what is owed to them in accordance with their dignity” assuming we all have some dignity, self-respect or some regard for ourselves. While this statement seems to attack person X, lets not act holier than thou and pretend like we haven’t been ‘person X’ ourselves, even if it’s just once a day, a week, a month, or a year maybe? C’mon man, we both know you have! But hey, man is to error right? Unless if you’re person X for 365 days a year, then you really need to make some changes. Anyway, with the limited knowledge and this blessed platform (that keep growing by the day I should say), I just want to put some points out there, for all of us;


  1. Do what you want reciprocated.

Just because I do not comment or complain about it as often as I should does not mean it does not hurt or offend me as much. Some of us don’t really like having to remind you of the same thing a million and one times, we say it thrice and thereafter you just tarnish the respect we had for you. If you wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of an action you do, please [for the love of Christ] do not do it.


  1. Respect goes two ways.

Imma respect you but imma still want to have some of that, if not all of that respect reciprocated. In a family, friendship or squad I’m sure there’s a point in these bonds where you are able to know what exactly your sibling/ friend/ spouse likes and what they do not like. More often than not we try to do things that please them and avoid doing things that annoy them. I believe this is one of the many faces respect wears cause best believe they will also do the same. Do me I do you, get what I’m say’n!



We all equal yuh know… (ha-ha Jokes on you) I know sometimes we can get in our ‘on-top of the world’ moments but try not to exceed your boundaries. Just because I don’t push your buttons does not mean I like it when you push mine.


  1. Above all, Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

This is the lord’s commandment, orders from waaay above me. So if you won’t care about the above three Lu mentioned, then you should at least do this. For all I know, this entire post could be summarized by this single commandment, but tell me what’s the fun in that 🙂 . So yeah, love your neighbor as you love yourself, simple.


I really hope this speaks to one or two. Sometimes being self-conscious is better, because if you wait to be told you might just wait till thy kingdom come. RECIPROCATE it; the respect, the caution taken when using your things and the loyalty. Be the good karma that you need in the world, coz only then will your good deeds come back to you. With all that said, if you feel you might have failed to reciprocate a good deed and ended up disrespecting someone, do ask for forgiveness. And with that said if you do know me personally, and at some point feel like I’ve been the person X in your life, please forgive me.

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Lu ❤ .


The W’s of Lu

Sometimes we try too hard to give meaning to meaningless things. 

Hey dearie(s)!!

First things first, I’d like to introduce myself real quick, so that we can get done with all this awkwardness and skip to the good parts.
So, in a nutshell…..Life with Lu is basically supposed to be a day by day walk through life in the only way I know best; through words, stories, friendship and everything in between while sticking together long enough to find out where this life long road will lead us to.

Wanna know what the best part is? Literally Everyone is welcome to go on this journey!!! 🙂

So, here are the 4 W’s of Lu and then some more;

1. Who is Lu?

She’s a 20 year old coastal girl trying to cope with the waves of life and possibly lay out her future in the big city of Nairobi. She’s young and open minded enough to allow herself to meet and accept the diversity of the world but still carry her beliefs along with her. Wait, did I  also say I’m bubbly as hell, a carrier of happiness and yes, laughter is literally my medicine.

2. What is she?

The obvious answer would be human, of course! But no, I’m a second year law student hopefully joining my third year this. With that said, my career journey is a whole another story of its own, which we’ll get to… so we might as well just save that for later.

3. Why Life with Lu?

You know how you want to pay for yoga classes in order to achieve peace and balance in your life? Or maybe buy a gram of weed to zone out and relax? Well, writing serves both purposes to me. It has and will always be my place of peace, the getaway destination where I go to collect my thoughts, embrace my insecurities, contemplate my desires and reduce all my fears to calmness. Half of my phone memory should be full of notes, pieces. Pieces because with them you can piece up  the puzzle that my Life is. After  a long period of intensive self-consultation here we are, with me putting my pieces out here for all of us and embracing this journey of self-discovery.

4. When?

I really don’t know how I was to phrase this question…probably, When did I decide to make Life With Lu happen? (Yeahp, that sounds about right) So, 3rd March is the date . My brother [ Whom I shall quote] said; “I’m (inserts the F word) excited!!  You said you’ll start this blog for two (inserts F word, again) years now…So nah, I won’t watch you waste another (inserts F word, as usual) year. Let’s get this done and over with, once
and for all for (at this point you know what to insert) sake…” Ha-ha, but I guess I (insert F word) needed that push so thank you bruh x.

5. How will I pull this through?

Honestly; you, me,us, I mean…. we’re a team. Yes dear, at the end of the day, Life with Lu is not entirely about Lu but also you who’s reading and literally everyone who’ll choose to make it happen with her. We are all learning, drawing new energy, growing and blooming. So as we do this, besides me writing out posts for you to read, I would also like to converse with you, listen to you and just have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Feel free to send me an email on anything, be it a comment, positive criticism, a story you would like to share, artwork that you would like to be featured on this blog or even if you just need someone to talk to. I’ll treat all the emails with utmost confidentiality and do my best to respond to them as soon as I can. The email address is on the contact section but just in case, here it is
Above all, God got me, got you, he has us dear!

That’s all for now dearies. It has been my pleasure and this is just the beginning of  Life with Lu for you.
There’s space for everyone on board, so tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend that I’m your friend and we can all be friends.
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Lu ❤ you xx.


And this is me! 🙂


We Return

I wish I could tell the world what’s going on in my head. I wish I could share my dreams and thoughts with all of you…but something tells me not yet, it whispers; get to know who is in the room with you first then the Lord shall let it be known on your behalf.

Anyway, hey guys! How have you all been? Good? I hope so. Me? Well I’ve been good. I’ve been doing alright. I’m finally back on my feet! I’m so excited. Its been a minute but it felt like forever. I apologize for leaving without a goodbye ( I really hope you can find it in you to forgive me, coz I know y’all remember we had a good thing going on, didn’t we?!😌) But I had to. I had to let myself feel all the pain and emotions I had bottled up. Pardon the cliche, but i had to face my inner demons. I cannot lie, it’s been a long draining battle between self and self…haha lol! But true. I went from holding onto everything and hiding everything from everyone, myself included, to breaking down in front of my doctor, to letting my guard down, to having anxiety and the worst kind of paranoia, to questioning my existence…. I went through it all and finally to Growth!

Initially, I didn’t even think I could make it out alive. Sounds a bit dramatic, yes, but I really never thought I would get this far. But by all means, after all the trials, second guessing and against all odds… here I am, still bracing the sun and giving everyday a chance full of gratitude and appreciation for the journey that I’ve been on.


But all that is a story for another day, maybe i’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of it all if you stick around long enough (Let me know if you want to know more in the comments or you could just email me, whatever works for you).  Anywho, for today I just wanted to check up on you all and just say I appreciate the DMs, questions and messages regarding life with Lu…I did not quit on my dream (This is my baby y’all) , I just needed to grow for a minute… but oooh can you feel the joy and happiness running through me to be here… back to writing again! Oh, does it feels good to be home💕  I have so much to share. I’m in no rush, where the Spirit leads He provides, right? We’re moving from grace to grace, from glory to glory. (Oh yes hunnay, God is good, all day everyday) We have forever, but most importantly we have now, and honestly that’s all that matters.

We’re here to learn together, to live laugh love and cry. This is a family, each one of us is, me, you, you and you. At the end of the day, the dream is that one day my posts reach out to someone who needs them,  have my words wrapped around them and hug that last bit of humanity they still cling on to and in ways more than one, have it positively impact them for the rest of their lives, so help me God. A friend of mine says, “as long as just one person has felt a difference then that’s all it takes to wake up and show up for it”,  and that meant everything to me.

That’s all for today folks, i was just checking in with y’all and reminding myself the core purpose of this blog, also just as a quick heads up.. this years theme is PROGRESS AND NOT PERFECTION! (For those of you thinking its too late for a ‘this years theme’, well you’ve got another thing coming😎) Are you with me or nah? So tell a friend to tell a friend that we are friends. Lets stay forever growing, there’s room for all of us.

Before I forget, the really cool pics I always add in my posts are random pictures that either my friend sends me or that I took myself. So if any of you maybe has a cool eye for photography and takes bomb ass pictures, please feel free to share if you wouldn’t mind me using them in the future blogs (with a shout out of course, or I could drop your IG link in the blog) feel free to send em via DM or email, and if I think they’re cool enough I might just feature them too 😜 (Just Kidding)

See you in the next post. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment (send emails too, I love reading all your heartwarming emails)

Love and light.



The essence of the sunset is to take in its beauty before you lay your body to rest.

Hey love, welcome (for the new comers) or welcome back (for y’all who been with me since we started) to Life with Lu. Another day another post and I’m super glad you’re here today. I hope you are doing fine love.

So lets get right to it…

Quick question, how many genuine “Thank yous” do you say per day that actually show your sincere gratitude? Out of this, how many go to complete strangers and how many go to the ones closest to you? So for the sake of this post, lemme throw in a quick hypothetical that we may all be familiar with.

Most of us would easily say thank you to a random stranger if they stopped you and gave you a Sh50 note in the middle of town (obviously after questioning their intentions, duh!) … but would not equally appreciate the same Sh50 note if someone close to you gave it to you, infact we’d see it as an insult and go to further claim to be worth much more than “just a Sh50 note”, like what do you take me for? What do you think would I buy with 50 bob sasa? Safaricom wenyewe wananidai, nikeka credit ya finje watakata yote! Hii hata haiezi nunua KDF! (On and on it goes and by now you know exactly what I’m talking about). But, WHY?

Here my two cents;

Most times we tend to get so comfortable or used to the same routine, same daily activities or probably the same family members and friends that we hang around with for pretty much most of our time. While developing a bond or connection, the comfort is always very assuring at first until it starts to diminish the value of the relationship itself and then eventually our eyes adjust to the beauty, and we become blind to the beauty that we so much cherished at first. So, we get so comfortable to an extent that we don’t value it as much as we did in the beginning. Today being a special day to me, I’ll crucify myself and use me as an example. Because, just like anyone else, I take certain things for granted until it’s too late and when life gives me a reality check, all I am left with is guilty regrets of what if I handled it another way? And the pressing question of What if I  had dedicated more time to spend with this particular person or this particular thing?

As some of you would know, I’m the first born to 4 siblings (talk about that Girl power!), though four years ago a day like this… one of them joined the angels and now she’s no longer with us, may her soul know nothing but peace Oh Lord! So if you still dont have it figured out by now, today I’ll simply talk about my late sister, Gracia. Honestly, despite her short lived life, she meant and still means so much to me, taught me so much and in many ways showed me really how strong I can be as a person and is pretty much responsible for building me into the Lu that you see and love today. As much as most of the times we may ignore,  ‘not really care’ or lack the empathy to really understand how it feels like when one of our friends loses a loved one, or when an extended family member passes on…you know, it is sad to say that we can never really understand death or feel its impact until the unexpected day that it chooses to knock on our door.

Well just like any other child, I had always wanted siblings so bad and as much as God blessed  me with two awesome brothers, I still felt like I needed someone else to complete the equation. So I started praying to God to gift me a my sister from a very young age, I should have been around three years old when I started “bothering” God for a sister. I included it in every prayer from the Sunday church prayers to when I was praying for food, ha-ha yeah it was that serious. So fast forward, its 2012 and BOOM! my mama’s pregnant! Dayuuum you have no idea how much happiness and anxiety the news gave me as I kept my fingers crossed for the 9 months! But finally in 2013, May the 17th my baby sister was born, Gracia Luli. This hands down will forever get marked in my calendars as the best day of my life. I got super hyped and excited coz my prayers had finally been answered and I couldn’t wait to do everything I had  dreamt about  and planeed to do with my sister. Everyday I’d take it upon myself to let everyone around me know that I was finally also blessed with a sister, infact it was the only constant in my to-do list (In my imaginary To-Do list of course!). But yeah, Life was good, I had suddenly found so much satisfaction since Gracia came to give meaning to every single passing second and minute of my life. But then (as with every good story) things took a sharp turn and everything just happened so fast that in one week our whole life had completely changed. My sister got sick, Three days later her brain failed and she was admitted and taken into the ICU for a few hours. Finally, after fighting a very courageous battle with her cute little hands, Gracia shut her eyelids and went into the most peaceful of sleeps never to be awakened again on the 5TH of May 2014. Guys, it all happened so fast I couldn’t even understand how it did and by Wednesday we were putting her six feet under. I remember it all as if it was just yesterday. RIP lil Sister ❤

Okay, so yeah you have us in tears here but what exactly is your point Lu? My point is, sometimes I wish I had more time, that I could have actually gotten to hug her a lil bit longer during the 11 months I had with her. Honestly I cannot know what any of you doesn’t seem to value or what you don’t think deem important at the moment; maybe it’s a family member, a friend, a relationship, a house, a dog, a job or that family. But I’ll tell you something, whatever you have now, is exactly what someone has been praying for the past two decades to be blessed with. Look, all I’m saying is, appreciate what you have. Some people out there wish they had that food you keep throwing away because there’s more, others wish they had the family you despise because they failed you one time, some wish for that father or mother that can barely afford to get you and your siblings a birthday cake on your birthdays, or even that “ shitty” job you keep on getting in trouble with. Bottom line is, be very grateful because even the little things count. Appreciate your parents for what they are able to bring to the house, appreciate that friend, job, relationship and cherish those that love and care for you. It might not be what you want but on the positive side its always better than nothing. Don’t let it be a bitter sweet memory.

I may not know your battles and what influences your choices but I can remind you you’re at a better place than someone somewhere. You wake up and you can move, eat, sleep and go to school; some people can’t see, talk, hear, walk or write. You’re at a good place. Then again, appreciate and share also with those who don’t have, be a helping hand, you never know whose life you might just light up.

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Baby Gracia
Baby Gracia ❤